The National Health and Medical Research Council and The REWARD Alliance are pleased to present the 7th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation. The REWARD Alliance is an international network of funders, editors, researchers and other stakeholders with a shared interest in ensuring value in health and medical research.

The theme this year will be “Ensuring Value in Research”, exploring how we can ensure that the right questions are being chosen from the start, that studies are necessary and well-designed, and that results are reported in a fashion that is unbiased and widely useable. The theme reflects NHMRC’s priority to ensure that the research it funds is of value and results in the improved health and wellbeing of Australians. Relevant sub-themes include improving research efficiency and/or quality, open data and open access, setting research priorities or strategies, improved ethics or governance processes, reporting guidelines and standards, research training or mentoring, impact assessment, peer review (of grants and publications) and efficient evidence synthesis.

The Symposium will be an opportunity for everyone with an interest in ensuring value in health and medical research, whether they be researchers themselves or end users (including community members and policy makers), to share their ideas, expertise and experience. The program will address some of the key challenges, including the need to reconsider the value of research “failure”, appropriate research governance, the reproducibility crisis and the future of peer-reviewed publication in making the results of research available.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Symposium in Sydney in November.

Professor Anne Kelso AO
Chief Executive Officer, NHMRC

Professor Paul Glasziou
Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, Bond University (on behalf of The REWARD Alliance)

  • Key Dates

  • Early bird Registration Deadline 26 October 2018
  • Symposium 27-28 November 2018
ACTA Summit 29-30 November 2018


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Registration opens 16th July 2018 for 7th Annual NHMRC Symposium.


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